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Dosha and You: Next workshop

Your Constitution – the easiest way to understand and implement Ayurveda

Our constitution is determined by the three doshas. We are made up of all three, but have dominant one’s we need to balance.

Vata “the energy of movement”

Pitta” the energy of digestion or metabolism”

Kapha “the energy of lubrication and structure”

In this workshop we will talk about each individual constitution and how it relates to you and your environment. By end of class you will have an understanding of the principle of three doshas and how to choose right diet, lifestyle, and herbs to maintain optimal health.

Price: $35 – Includes a freshly prepared organic Ayurvedic lunch

Date/venue: Saturday May 14th from 10-1 at the Westside New Leaf Market (in the community classroom)

Please call 831.295.6279 or go to the page “appointments” on the website to register. Limited space available, prior registration is required.

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