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Fall Detoxification

With the fall season upon us, this is a great time to detoxify the body in preparation for winter. Clearing out and balancing ourselves after the summer months can help to ward of ailments throughout the winter and the spring.

Doing a full Pancha Karma would give your system an amazing reboot, through cleaning out toxins that are deeply stored in tissues and working on the digestive system. Yet even some simple practices can be taken on your own to aid in balancing digestion and detoxifying your body. One of the best ways to do this is through the right food choices. Kitchari, an Ayurvedic staple, provides an easy and gentle way to cleanse the body. Try eating only kitchari for 3 days, this is an easy to digest food so it gives the body a chance to clear out any undigested bits in its system while still nourishing and providing the body with fuel.

Sipping ginger turmeric tea will help to get your agni(digestive fire) going, which also aids in burning up any undigested foods or ama(accumulated toxins). As we transition into the fall months start choosing cooked green salads over raw green salads. These will be easier to digest and less aggravating to your vata dosha, which increases during the fall and winter months.

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