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The Essence of Ayurveda

        I recently had a beautiful experience of reconnecting to the core of Ayurveda. Re-sparking my passion for this ancient wisdom of balance and healing.

It can be easy to get caught up in the details of it all…vata, pitta, kapha, wake up thirty minutes before sunrise, eat this not that, mediate twice a day, say your prayers, dinacharya, ritucharya, ratricharya, etc, etc… All the components that make up Ayurveda, although wonderful and so incredibly helpful in maintaining health can get a bit overwhelming at times. I was feeling this recently because I was caught in the western view of using Ayurveda, which is often something like, “I have this symptom, now how can I make it go away? It’s gone, wonderful! Back to my life now.” And yes, this has a purpose and benefit, but I felt like the connection of why this system is so relevant and beyond the physical comfort had been forgotten. It was then that I remembered why this way of life was created and passed on from generation to generation for thousands of years. Although treating disease is an offshoot of this system, the key essence and root of Ayurveda is teaching us how to live in harmony with nature, this earth, the elements and the forces that create the reality we live in now.

This sung to my core and I remembered why it was that I dove into this system of learning and living. These practices tune us in so that we can listen to the natural world and live in a symbiotic relationship with nature; how we are meant to be. This is something we as a species have forgotten, we often live out of comfort and pleasure, caught up in this physical realm forgetting or even denying that there is something beyond us. Cultivating the connection to nature, our true nature, is the most beautiful piece to this system and without remembering this key thread, changes can not occur beyond ourselves. The earth is in a state of imbalance, so many people are in a state of imbalance…there is a direct connection and correlation between these two factors that can not be denied. It’s time to go deeper than the self to restore our inherent relationship with nature. We balance our bodies not to simply have balanced bodies, but so that we can feel on all levels what balance is and gain this clear perspective from then which to act. It’s like tarring a scale or recalibrating a thermometer; from a balanced state, the perception changes.

I encourage you to tune in with the natural world. Get out in nature and feel what it is like, listen to how the earth speaks to you through your five senses.  We feel what she feels and vice versa. There is an unexplainable spirit of existence and if that is too ethereal for you, well you at least can not deny natures presence; the thunder that roars, the rain that pours, the electric lightening, the sun that burns, and the cold that bites. It’s greater than you, charged and alive, all around, and you are tied intimately to it.

In expressing this remembrance that sparked within me, I am asking you to tune back in with the earth. Ayurveda is one tool that can help us to do so, that is why it sings to me, perhaps to it may to you as well, but beyond it all the most important thing is that it is time for us all to remember our roots, to connect, and to wake up to a greater healing that is calling. Healing our relationship with the mother nature, earth, our home. From there, all else will fall into place.

In humble remembrance.

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