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About Us

About Us

Located in the heart of Santa Cruz, our Ayurvedic clinic is now expanding digitally to serve the Silicon Valley, the greater San Francisco Bay area, and surrounding areas.


Ayurveda is an ancient science, dating back 5,000+ years, based on discovering your natural state of being—or, Prakruti, and offering lifestyle and dietary insights specific to your needs, to keep your mind and body in balance with each other and the natural world. Ayurveda inspires us to better understand our own needs, get in touch with our body in meaningful ways, and effectively take care of ourselves regardless of circumstance. It is an ancient system easily adaptable to meet the needs of contemporary society; it has withstood the test of time. 


Gut health is discussed often in Ayurveda, because it plays a major role in determining how we feel and to what degree we are (or are not) well. What happens in our gut impacts the entire rest of the body, as our digestive processes inform the makeup of our cells, blood, plasma, tissues, muscles, bones, organs, and glands. So we work with you, on a lot of levels, including nutrition counseling and gut-reset protocols to make sure you can achieve your health goals.

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Our Team

Our Team

Manish Chandra
Founder, Ayurvedic Doctor

Growing up in Nepal, Manish was exposed to Ayurveda from an early age, creating a foundation for his deep connection to this time tested medical system. He combines the traditional system of Ayurveda with modern biological system’s approach to health and healing.

Manish is a board certified Ayurvedic Doctor by the National Ayurvedic Medical Association, USA after earning a masters degree from Mount Madonna Institute, College of Ayurveda in 2012.

His signature Gut Healing Protocol, which is intended to heal the community one gut at a time, integrates yoga and pranayama based on his dedicated studentship of Yoga and Ayurveda for a holistic result.

Amy White
CMT Certified Massage Therapist and Ayurvedic Lifestyle Counselor

Amy White has provided massage therapy to the California coast for over six years. She initially studied at Pacific School of Massage and Healing Arts, and in the past five years has tapped into the ancient healing science of Ayurveda at Mount Madonna Institute.


Her experience with Ayurvedic bodywork has been profound healing & deep inner peace.


She has been recognized as one of Santa Cruz’s best massage therapists. Amy’s attention to detail and warm nature is apparent in her work. Her aim with abhyanga is to bring balance, bliss and awareness to body & soul. It is her honor and intent to help others heal themselves holistically.

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Sydni Hughes
Office Manager

 Sydni is a certified nutrition health coach and studied nutrition and Ayurveda at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York. She currently runs her own coaching business while pursuing a more in depth education in Ayurveda. Born and raised in Santa Cruz, she has a passion for the ocean and all things nature. She strives to help women find their inner power and heal in a holistic, authentic way that is true to the individual. She enjoys writing, experimenting in the kitchen, and being at the beach!


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Santa Cruz Ayurveda

833 Cedar St. Santa Cruz, CA 95060


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