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Ayurvedic Golden Elixir

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

There are many Ayurvedic herbal recipes that can enhance our lives for various reasons, and we are so excited to share about one of them with you today. This one is an incredibly delicious elixir you can make at home, that’s great for digestion, the lungs, reducing inflammation, and bringing the energetic qualities of warmth, nourishment, and radiance into your experience.

Have you heard of Golden Milk? It’s become quite a hot button word, and for good reason! This tasty, tonifying elixir is rejuvenating for the whole body. Turmeric, Ginger and spices all work together to stimulate digestion, clear out excess mucus in the body, and warm us up from the inside. Anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, and powerful tissue, liver, and digestive supporting properties, this elixir is truly a wonderful treat.

Turmeric increases the body’s capacity to absorb and integrate antioxidants—which is essential in combatting signs of ageing, stress, and dis-ease. And ginger stimulates the digestive system, reduces flatulence, and acts as an expectorant (helping to expel excess phlegm in the body). Studies have also shown that turmeric and ginger may have brain-boosting benefits!

Combining turmeric with black pepper enhances our body’s ability to absorb the nutrients of both. So, adding a dash of black pepper into your golden milk is a spicy way to enhance the benefits. Adding ghee is a wonderful way to make the nutrients more bioavailable, also; because ghee acts as a carrier for herbal medicinal properties to distribute throughout the 7 dhatus or tissues of the body—lymph, blood, muscle, fat, bones, nerves, and the reproductive organs. Ghee nourishes the ojas (vitality, radiance, vigor), the prana (life-force), and tejas (energetics of discernment, digestion) in the body.

So, to make nourishing golden milk at home, you’ll need:

Milk (dairy or non-dairy)

Hot Water

Ginger (fresh or powder)

Turmeric (fresh or powder)

Black Pepper (powder)

Cinnamon (powder)

Cardamom (powder)

Clove (powder)

Raw Honey to taste

If you’re using fresh roots, you’ll bring about 2 cups of water to a boil, and place about an inch of chopped fresh ginger and an inch of chopped fresh turmeric into the hot water; turn the water down to low, and let it simmer for 20-40 minutes. This “tea” will be very strong. To taste, you’ll strain the tea and add in your milk, raw, honey, and spices. If you’re using powder, you can warm up 2 cups of milk in a pot, add in spices and herbs to taste (about 1tsp of turmeric, 1tsp of ginger, and ¼ tsp of cardamom, cinnamon, and clove, and a dash of black pepper). Stir, and add in honey to taste at the end. Drop in about 1 ½ tsp of ghee and blend to froth it up. (If you want to make it extra delicious, add in a date or two—pitted—and blend!). Sip, enjoy, and receive the benefits of this golden elixir! Let us know how you liked it!


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