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Mood and Food: Upcoming Event

An event for your Mind, Body and Soul

Join us for an interactive & fun community event at Pacific Cultural Center on Saturday, August 21st from 10-2. This meal that heals will show you how food affects your emotions and how you can shift your eating habits to create a richer, more abundant, happier you!

In this edible playshop, you will:

  • Meet, mingle, and learn from fellow wellness warriors committed to juicy holistic living

  • Discover how food impacts your moods, how moods impact what you eat, and what you can do about it

  • Start your own 10-element “Circle of Life” chart. See which areas of your own life can most benefit from nutritional support

  • Enjoy and share a tasty Ayurvedic meal prepared by the master chefs of Santa Cruz Ayurveda

  • Be one of the first community creators of Healify Wellness, a new hybrid online/offline social network for people committed to living our best lives, together

  • Bonus: discover a miracle food which you can integrate into your cooking that can improve your mood, creativity, and even your sex life. No joke!

Tentative program:

  • Get loose with 50 minutes of Yoga

  • A discussion about nutrition in relation to your mind, body, and soul

  • Breakout groups and personal wellness affirmations

  • A freshly cooked Ayurvedic meal

  • Sound Bath

Want more support? Join us after the event to connect with one of our team members for a free 1:1 15-min wellness session. Review your circle and explore how nutritional support can most help shift your life.

Stay connected! Healify Wellness is a new social wellness network featuring you and the people you love. You will get a free trial subscription to our digital platform where you can share recipes, meals, and other emotional wellness activities. Live your best life and stay connected, anytime you want to, from the ease and comfort of your mobile device.

We look forward to seeing you in August for this inaugural kick-off event. We love you, and look forward to eating healthier and happier, together with you!

– Your friends at Healify and Santa Cruz Ayurveda

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