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Seasonal Ayurveda: Cleanse and Breathe Easily this Spring


This is a time of shedding excess in our homes, mental spaces, diet and body. Here are 4 steps to we suggest for a rejuvenating spring clean:

1. Dust. This is an easy first step to get started.

  • Lift everything and vacate the dust and debris!

  • Knick-knacks, carpets, furniture, books – just shift them enough to clean them and the surfaces they call home.

  • As you do this, observe the energy shift and see if you can let go of unneeded items.

  • Practice mindfulness while you clean. Focus on the task and have no other thought.

  • Repeat a mantra while you clean.

  • Set a stable intention. Spring cleaning transforms your space – not just physically, but emotionally, too. The mind is the source of all clutter. You may be surprised by how much peacefulness, fun, and joy can come of cleaning.

2. Abandon excess. In accordance with Aparigraha, a principal of classical Ashtanga Yoga, meaning "non-hoarding."

  • Take note of what you don’t use, don’t need, or doesn’t make you feel good.

  • Communicate with housemates/family about letting it go.

  • Get rid of it.

  • If you’re interested in avoiding the landfill, opt to recycle, donate to goodwill, offer on Craigslist, have yard sale, or ask friends and family if they could use what you’re shedding.

  • This includes thought loops and habits that you don’t need. Let them go, too! Be free.

3. Make it fresh. This is the fun part.

  • Shake out rugs and let them sit in the sun to disinfect and kill pathogens

  • Clean each room, open windows, turn on fans

  • Take out the garbage

  • Deep clean cabinets, closets, toilets, tubs, and other areas that need attention

  • Exercise in the sun. In the morning, try yoga, sun salutations, stretching, and a walk.

  • Use turmeric, tulsi and licorice herbs to enliven the mind and body. These herbs decrease kapha dosha

4. Prepare for a clean and fresh rest of the year. A gift of ease to future you.

  • Organize the Tupperware, or other chaos/junk drawers

  • Donate or reorganize extra plates, mugs, cups, bowls to reduce dirty dish build-up

  • Finish old projects or pass them on

  • Start a simple meditation practice to bring clarity daily

  • Eat less refined sugar, flour, and processed foods


Breath Easily...

Tune into the Earth. In the Northern Hemisphere, Springtime abundance brings a deep sense of connection and wholeness. Just as tuning into the body's heartbeat brings a peaceful rhythm to the circulation of blood, tuning into the state of the Earth is healing in and of itself.

Put one hand on your belly, and the other on your chest. Feel your breath move through your body. Notice how it passes in and out of your nose or mouth. Trust your body, and rest.

Living and eating with the seasons is an act of trust. The local ecosystem provides for its bellies. Eating what's growing here and now trusts that here and now is enough.

Final thoughts:

Avoid congestive foods in Springtime!

We suggest to avoid all refined and process foods, as well as excessively salty and sweet foods. We also suggest reducing dairy, wheat, grains, nuts, and seeds intake. This means less deep-fried foods, cold beverages, ice cream, cheese, canned foods, and leftovers. These foods will congest your sinuses and digestive system and result in excessive mucus formation. They thereby can worsen allergies and reduce your immunity. Beans can be good for spring season, but make sure to use with asafoetida to reduce gas and bloating.

Go easy on yourself. Do what you can. Make it convenient and fun. Set achievable goals and revel in your successes.

And as always, we’re here for you. Feel free to reach out with questions or feedback anytime. Reach us via email:, or call the office: 831-295-6279.


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