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The Ayurvedic Principle of Prakruti

In all of time and space there will never be another you! Your essence and genetic imprint is uniquely your own, there is no other exact replica of you in the world. This is the foundation of the Ayurvedic concept of Prakruti.

Your Prakruti is your primary nature, the unchanging foundation of health inside of you. It is your own unique pattern of energy; your combination of physical, mental, and emotional characteristics and predispositions.

In modern times we speak of this factor as our inherited genetic code. This is like a custom blueprint for you, to guide you to be the most balanced version of yourself.

In contemporary life we are constantly bombarded by so much change and information, but our Prakruti remains like our home base. There are so many environmental factors and conditions that can lead to suffering and changes in our inner ecology. This is why the Ayurvedic system looks at health and healing from every aspect; our inner and outer environments, as well as our thoughts and the state of our emotions.

In order to remain healthy we need to be willing to readjust our practices and learn new tools to help us maintain equilibrium. Working with an Ayurvedic practitioner will help to support the health of your entire being, and is an amazing way to bolster yourself during times of great change.


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