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The Koshas (Energy Sheaths)

By Sheyna Haisman-Holmes

The Koshas are the energy sheaths of the body that represent the layers of our beings and mind. The seven chakras (wheels of light/energetic focal points) are correlated with the koshas as well as the endocrine system and their related organs. The koshas ripple out from our physical bodies and create layers around us that have many purposes. Learning about the koshas and our own energetic layers can be a helpful tool to guide and maintain our energy.

The Koshas are:

~Annamaya- sheath of food

Dense mass of the body

Mūlādhāra -Root chakra

Survival & groundedness


~Prānamaya- sheath of vital essence/etheric body

6 cm from skin

Svādhisthāna -Sacral chakra



~Manomaya- sheath of mind

1 ft 6 inches from skin

Manipūra -Solar plexus chakra

Ambition & achievement


~Jñānamaya- sheath of knowledge

2 ft

Anāhata -Heart chakra

Emotional love


~Vijñānamaya- sheath of intellect

3 ft

Vishuddha -Throat chakra

Communication & will

Thyroid & parathyroid

~Ānandamaya- sheath of bliss

3 ½ ft

Ājñā -Third eye chakra

Intuition & bliss


~Sahasrāra- central channel/silver chord

Beyond the koshas, self realization, bliss


Sahasrāra is the central channel & silver cord running through the body from 3.5 feet above the crown all the way through to the tailbone and out. This channel may sometimes be referred to as the sushumna nadi (channel) of the vital life force. The chakras are positioned along this main channel from the root to the crown. They say that beyond the 3.5 feet above the head, the energy switches from individual to universal mind. Access and connection to the universal energies are closer than we may think. Connection and relation with the human race and all beings that inhabit this planet can be felt on these subtle levels by tuning in with our koshas.

When we feel energetically sensitive or attuned to something near by or in the room, we can remember that the Ānandamaya kosha can feel over 3 feet away from our bodies. This is where our intuition may pick up on something or we notice when something enters our energy field. We all have different levels of awareness and feeling one another, but the koshas are always there for deeper inquiry, discovery and attunement.

Many blessings & to your health :)


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