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The Secret of a Healthy Gut

 Many people suffer from food allergies, low energy, auto-immune conditions, sleep disorders, acne, depression or weight gain. Today these symptoms are very prevalent and common due to external environmental conditions and issues of trauma and prolonged stress. These result in the reliance on emotional or physical habits such as poor food choices, a sedentary lifestyle, or sugary foods to get us through the day, which leads to an array of health conditions or illnesses. Due to this many people in the modern world are beginning to see the importance of maintaining a healthy gut.

Yet, what does that mean? We’ll dive into a secret of a healthy gut and our 6- month Gut Healing Protocol to help facilitate your journey!

The secret to a “healthy” gut is one that has a resilient microbiome and is high in biodiversity and richness. Richness is defined as the total number of bacterial species in the microbiome. Diversity is defined as the number of individual bacteria of each different bacterial species present in your microbiome. When there is both richness and diversity of the microbiome, your immune system is stronger and more stable.

To understand richness and diversity better, let’s apply it! If there was a large seminar and we categorized them by profession i.e. nurses, teachers, office managers, etc. If the seminar was your microbiome, richness would be defined as all the professions at the seminar. Diversity would be the number of people in each profession, i.e. 123 nurses, 30 teachers, and 101 office managers.

Just like a community, your microbiome is more resilient if there is both high richness and diversity. When you have both there are many “professions” with different specialties that you can call upon. Having both richness and diversity of the gut microbiome provides our body the resources to fight off bacteria and pathogens, as approximately 70-80 percent of you immune system is in the lining of your gut.

One of the best ways to naturally increase the diversity and richness in your microbiome is through what we eat. This is why Ayurveda focuses on food and lifestyle to heal the gut!

Our Gut Healing Protocol Before just incorporating food we must first clean out the gut and the gastrointestinal tract, so we can fully digest and assimilate. Our Gut Healing Protocol begins with two months of detoxification through food and herbs, based on your individual body type. It is focused on strengthening the digestive fire and removal of accumulated Ama (toxins) from the body. We then focus on restoration of healthy microbes (gut flora) for the next two months. And finally followed by rejuvenation for the last two. The goal of our Gut Healing Protocol is to restore the natural harmony in the gut, so that we can have more energy, radiance, and vibrancy in life.

What does it include? – Monthly Ayurvedic consultation 1 hour – Monthly Ayurvedic massage (Abhayanga) 1 hour – Monthly Ayurvedic workshop (includes lunch) 3 hours

Ayurvedic Consultations: The monthly Ayurvedic consultation will be focused on internal detoxification through diet, lifestyle, and herbs, and will focus on education and empowerment of your own unique constitution. Then, we create a plan to get back on track to health with the right foods, herbs, lifestyle shifts, and yoga.

Ayurvedic Massage (Abhayanga): In the protocol you will also receive an Ayurvedic (Abhayanga) massage, which work to clear blockages and detoxify the body by working the lymphatic system. Abhayanga is a relaxing warm oil massage given to increase circulation, stimulate the lymphatic system, improve joint health, calm the nervous system and improve skin tone. Ayurvedic massages uses herbal infused warm to clear toxins from the system. The oils are picked seasonally to provide the best herbs for that season.

Monthly Workshops: In addition to monthly consultations and massage, our Gut Healing Protocol also includes a monthly workshop. In our workshops, we will provide tips on how to find balance and harmony within the body while demonstrating the healing properties of herbs and spices in cooking. Each month is centered around a different topic, and focuses on diving deeper into Ayurveda’s extensive knowledge. Topics range from: Gut Healing, Leaky Gut Syndrome, Ayurvedic Cooking, Ayurvedic Herbs and Spices, The Neuroscience of Habits, and Ayurveda as an Adjunct Treatment for Type 2 Diabetes.

Ayurveda works at the root of disease and illness. We focus on not only temporarily relieving symptoms, such as colds, acne, low energy etc., but on getting to the root of the problem and curing from the inside out. Ayurveda focuses on food choices, lifestyle, and herbs to restore balance and health is what makes our Gut Healing protocol so effective. We look forward to working with you!

For more information on prices and details, please feel free to contact us at: (831) 295-6279 or email us at

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