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Vedic Astrology Forecast, 11.17–11.24.20

Jupiter enters Capricorn, dun dun dun…11.20.20


Imagine arriving at a party, at a house owned by Saturn, with Saturn sitting on the couch, casting a sobering and emotionless gaze at everybody. You swing the door open with a booming smile; your subtext reads, “lets get this party started!” Saturn slowly swings his glaring gaze sideways to your smiling eyes…*awkward silence*…this palpable tension is the essence of Jupiter being in Capricorn with Saturn, his least favorite sign and least favorite planet.


Jupiter represents the boisterous enthusiasm, contagious optimism, and transcendent wisdom available to all. A respectful human with money, food, and sage advice for sharing with no caution for exhaustion; Jupiter is the embodiment of boundless abundance. Saturn represents karma and longevity, hell-bent on keeping you alive as long as possible so that you can suffer more…and process more karmic debt. Saturn will also guide us in discipline, weave us through bureaucracy, and wake our dreams into reality.


Now, to harness the power of this aspect, lets celebrate details, transform dreams into disciplines, and mentally-distance yourself from long-term goals where you are prone to big-picture thinking. In spite of its bad rap, Saturn is a humanitarian planet, which can provide what is needed most for afflicted communities. Thankfully, Jupiter is here to amplify this beneficial nature of Saturn.


Systems of health care, regimens of nourishment, and curriculums of higher learning are coaxed into the forefront by ol’ Jupe-Jupe. In truth, Jupiter and Saturn can be viewed as Yin/Yang of the same coin; two outer planets still visible to the naked eye who connect us to enlightenment, liberation, and spiritual unity. A fusion of rooted-discipline and experiential travel distill into a tincture for soul-level growth. Are you fed up with running into the same relationship patterns? This transit is the spiritual-backpackers dream where a hardened patience will sustain your travels through the harrowing trails of severance, where old patterns will decompose and subconscious attachment styles transform to serve rather than sabotage you. Shadow work is one of the many ripples to embrace when soul-growth is valued. Buckle up, simmer down, and keep dancing.


Moon and Venus in an air-sign trine, 11.21.20


Air is the human element. Take a look at the air signs of the zodiac: Libra, Aquarius, and Gemini. Each one is depicted with a human: a judge with scales, a person bearing water, and twins. With the exception of Virgo, no other sign is painted with the imagery of humanity. What separates humans from the rest of life? It is the mind. Air represents intelligence, thoughts, society, illusion, deception, innovation, technology, education, curiosity, and language.


The Moon will be in a portion of Aquarius known as Dhanishtha, the 23rd Nakshatra. This asterism will lay the bedding for a deepening appreciation of music, poetry, and what is mystical to you. With the strong trine aspect to Venus in her own sign of Libra; gift giving and charitable deeds can spark a connection to your own inner-muse of creativity. A flighty mind is also sprouting, where conviction slips through your hands; this is not the time for convincing anyone of anything. Let your heart conduct your social symphony, and allow moments to blend like paints into a non-linear flow-state marking your day. Chew on your thoughts and savor their intention a little bit longer, and the essence of your intention will clarify like a sudden bolt of inspiration. A shadow to observe here is materialism, self-absorption, and pushiness of your beliefs. However, through patience and perseverance, holding your tongue for an extra beat will allow the space needed for the dreamy and artful beauty of Venus to arrive and express herself through your vessel. Marilyn Monroe, Woody Allen, and Timothy Leary all have their natal Moon positioned here.




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