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Vedic Astrology Forecast, Feb.15–Feb 22

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

Thursday, Feb. 18

We are in the final days of an inauspicious yoga, (Kal Sarpa Yoga), wherein all of the planets are stationed between the lunar nodes, Rahu and Ketu. Rahu and Ketu have the tendency to disrupt the natural tendencies of the planets, bringing waves of confusion, feelings of unsettledness, and emotional detachment. Kal Sarpa Yoga is akin to rough astrological weather, and can be weathered through conservative expenditure of your energy; strategically and safely allowing the storm to pass.

With Jupiter, Saturn, Venus, and a retrograde Mercury together in Capricorn, they each receive a full aspect from Rahu in Taurus. This will affect Jupiter with particular emphasis today. Jupiter moved into its place of exaltation in the navamsa, yet is conjunct Rahu. The navamsa, or D9, is an essential divisional chart used to fully understand the strength and capacity of each planet, wherefrom the transits are colored in detail. Much like an MRI, X-Ray, and Cat-scan will show the inner health of the body, the navamsa reveals the internal situation of each planet.

When exalted in the navamsa, Jupiter is operating at its full power to deliver the full potency of abundance and intelligence to the rasi, or birth chart. However, in the rasi, Jupiter is in Capricorn, its place of debilitation. When a planet is exalted in the navamsa and debilitated in the rasi, we find magnificent potential that struggles to bloom in full. In some cases, this is due to a nascent talent not being guided by the proper teacher and failing to reach its potential. In the case of Jupiter, the areas of focus are intelligence, spirituality, wisdom, and good fortune. Additionally, Rahu is conjunct with Jupiter in the navamsa, echoed in the full aspect Rahu imparts on Jupiter in the Rasi.

Jupiter and Rahu together shows a distain and disrespectful attitude toward the guru, higher learning, or spiritualty. This can be helpful in revealing whether you have been seduced by the lofty promises of a false-guru, or a conman, looking to make a buck off of your trust and surrender. Jupiter mantras will be particularly beneficial until March 4.

February 21

Mars enters Taurus at 3:07pm PST. This transit will occupy the Krittika nakshatra of Taurus, which introduces a Sun/Venus blend of rulership. Krittika is symbolically portrayed as a flame or a razor, and is governed by Agni, the God of fire. With Mars in this asterism, you will find a supportive energy to working on your artistic projects, and cutting away the inner blockages through the cultivation of the inner flame, Agni.

Be aware of a child-like tendency in Krittika, which combined with the passionate nature of Mars can lead to reckless investment in pleasurable activities, only aimed to benefit the self. There is growth and learning in this transit through finding sustainable outlets of pleasure. There can be activities which leave you feeling healed, revitalized, while simultaneously uplifting the people you come in contact with. Namaste,



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