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Vedic Astrology Forecast, Mar. 15–Mar. 22

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

Monday-Tuesday, Mar. 15-16

Moon in Aśvinī

Aum̐ aśvinīkumārābhyāṁ namaḥ

“Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of the human freedoms – to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way.”

Love this quote by Viktor Frankl, even though I have to admit how it hurts to really sink into this one—consider how it would feel to lose everything, and find a stillness that is unwavering, unblemished, and therefore all that is ever truly yours.

I feel a little bit of guilt and shame for how many times I react subconsciously to people around me, often near and dear, simply by forgetting this primal anchor that is holding me steady; I have to take the first step in.

This is the place of true centering, and the home of the heart. From your heart comes your attitude, which is really a mixture of emotion and action. When we can pause in the midst of our losses, and remember this silent flame that never wavers or dims, we give ourself the opportunity for freedom. The ability to choose your outlook is the freedom that runs in your veins, answering only to your heart. To tap in to this unbridled freedom, you can only connect to our own heart. It is truly “in and through the body” that we find freedom.

To begin setting yourself free, embrace the humility of residing in that still center, where you will find freedom through your heart, along with surrender to everything else. Grounded in this power, you can bend your attitude to any posture. “You don’t owe it to anybody to be who you were 5 seconds ago.”

Your attitude becomes your personality, which becomes your “personal reality.” Taking control of your attitude is the first and last step to experiencing healthy freedom, that which can never be taken away without your consent.

The Aśvinī nakshatra relates to twin brothers known as the doctors to the gods. The symbol is a horse and correlates to freedom, movement, and travel. The Aśvinī twins are forever young, handsome, and masters of Ayurveda. Natives with this nakshatra will be refined, intelligent, and skillful.

Sat. Mar 20

Venus in Uttarabhādra

Aum̐ ahirbudhnyāya namaḥ

Venus is moving toward its place of exaltation in the next nakshatra, and here in Uttarabhādra, there will be comfort and ease found in classifying knowledge into its proper category and using wisdom only where appropriate. The likens itself to ancient sciences and modalities such as tantra and kundalini. The waters of Pisces are that of the ocean, Cancer is clean running water, and Scorpio is stagnant collections of water like lakes or swamps. Therefore, as every drop of water returns to the ocean, all of the creative prana is accessible here for Venus to transform through devotion to higher powers beyond the self.


References: Science of Light, Vol. 1, Freedom Cole

Image credit: Jami Bollschweiler Photography

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