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Vedic Astrology: New Moon in Sagittarius, Jan 12

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

Tuesday, January 12

The New Moon will occur in the final degrees of Sagittarius, and we can create a birth chart from this event using the Moon as the ascendant, in order to touch on themes that can build and ramp up over the next 15 days.

In this chart, we find Venus in the first house, marking an innately artistic window of time. Being in Sagittarius, the expression of Venus will be refined, well rehearsed, or be more of a vessel for delivering wisdom; art with a message. The pursuit of love and pleasure will also be heavy themes in the days to come.

In the second house there is Jupiter, Mercury, and Saturn together in Capricorn. Jupiter is debilitated here, so the affairs of the houses ruled by Jupiter will suffer to some degree. This means that the aforementioned first house, Sagittarius, will be less inclined to support Venus in artistic pursuits, and may lead to temptation for immediate pleasure pulling us away from the art we feel a need to create. This is a great opportunity to boost the resources of Sagittarius with the Vishnu mantra, “aum hrim srim krim dharani-dharaya namah.” It is best to research the proper diacritical marks for the Sanskrit however, or consult somebody to chant orally for you. Improper pronunciation can alter meaning an efficacy of mantras. However, with this mantra, the arts and love life will have the support they need to thrive in sustainable fashion. By correctly chanting this mantra however, Sagittarius will be lifted up to its sattvic nature, which always has enough energy and resources for the needs of the moment.

As for the matters of the second house, these next 15 days will be a masterclass in economics; at large and for you personally. Take nothing for granted as it relates to money; as a personal experiment, choose one day this week to take stock of where you spend your time, an be as frugal as an accountant while taking stock. This figure can help to better understand the limitations of a day, and the necessity to apply yourself where it matters most to you. Saturn governs time, and from time comes all forms of currency. Be prepared to work, however, and this is not the time to highball for better contracts or go on strike to be compensated better. For the next two weeks, approach work with humility, and maybe ask for the raise next week. Jupiter and Mercury together in this chart have the potential to deeply engrain the value of hard work, and with some luck, the cleverness of Mercury may reveal loopholes and generate resources through your whit.

Lastly, in this moon-chart, the Sun rules the ninth house of beliefs and integrity. The Sun is also sitting in the first house, which indicates dharma and action that comes naturally. People will either be inspired, acting according to their beliefs, and contained on their path, or the starkly the opposite, but and very plain to see. The Sun is related to the solar plexus region, responsible for ‘gut feelings’ and may be a helpful barometer during these upcoming weeks to discern truth from deception.

Lastly, for Tuesday, January 12, the lunar day of amavasya will occur right up until the exact moment of conjunction between Sun and Moon (new Moon). Amavasya is an inauspicious tithi (lunar day) to engage in work, socializing, or just about anything that involves interacting with the world at large. It is a very prudent time to fast, and the results of fasting on amavasya can be immediately felt and dramatically boost your capacity for positive growth during the remainder of the month. This will be my fourth time fasting on amavasya, and I can verify a noticeably clean energy the subsequent days, and I have been able to take on much more work without burning out than I had been able to prior to the fasting regimen. Happy Mo(o)nday.



  • The Science of Light Volume 1, Freedom Cole

Image Credit: Fine Art America

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