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Workshop on Autoimmune Disorders: An Ayurvedic perspective

In this workshop we will be talking about Panchakarma, a deep psycho-physiological cleansing and detoxification program, helps to improve overall health and wellness by adopting 4 steps. The foremost step is to improve digestion, assimilation and absorption by adopting various methods of fasting, and utilizing digestive herbs; the second is by administering various deep cleansing programs as explained in panchakarma therapies; the third is to follow a post-cleansing diet and lifestyle; and finally, administering various rejuvenatives gradually and systematically enhance the immune system to alleviate autoimmune disorders.

Date/time : Saturday, November 07 from 10:00-1:00 Venue: Community classroom at the Westside New Leaf Market, 1101 Fair Ave. Santa Cruz Cost: $35 which includes an organic freshly prepared Ayurvedic lunch Registration is required prior to the event. It can be registered online on our website under “Appointments” or by calling our office at 831.295.6279

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