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5 Best Tridoshic Foods for Summer

Although we suggest you take advantage of the entire summer harvest as best as you can, we also wanted to point out a handful of foods that are especially great and can only fully be indulged in during summer. We also want to remind you that moderation is especially key in everything you eat so although these foods are mostly tridoshic, maintaining balance through your entire diet is critical in keeping a balanced gut.

Here are the 5 best tridoshic foods this summer:

  1. Berries

The best part about summer is that it's the berry season! The abundance of berries should definitely be taken advantage of. These colorful, nutrient packed sweet treats are great for all three doshas and can satisfy that sweet tooth.

  1. Quinoa

This complete protein is a great alternative to rice if you are looking for one. It holds all essential amino acids and is great warm, or chilled. Whether you eat it mixed with salad, or warm as a side dish, quinoa is a great way of getting some extra plant based protein.

  1. Coconut

Coconut water makes for one of the best electrolytes in summer. Essential minerals like zinc, magnesium, calcium, potassium and sodium provide extreme hydration and cooling effects. Adding coconut to recipes also has these same benefits, so cook with coconut milk when you can.

  1. Watermelon

EAT THIS ALONE. Watermelon is 90% water, making it a great hydrating and cooling fruit this season. It also means that it passes through your system much quicker than other foods. Even eating this with other fruits can cause gas and bloating. In summer, we often see watermelon as one of the classic foods on the picnic table, but make sure that if you plan on eating this delicious melon, you allow plenty of time for your body to digest it before eating anything else!

  1. Asparagus

This very abundant vegetable is a great addition to any summer recipe, cooked or raw. Asparagus is alkaline, therefore making it a great green to include in your summer dishes!


Sweet Treats -

This is a good time of year to indulge your sweet tooth, in moderation. An occasional creamy treat like ice cream, pudding, or lassi will be welcome in the summer months.

Just be careful not to disturb the digestive fire with too much cold or frozen food!


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