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Ayurveda as a Science of Truth

Excerpt from Chapter 3: The Knowledge of How to Live Spiritually

"In Ayurveda the whole of life's journey is considered to be sacred... Truth is Being, Pure Existence, and the source of all life. Ayurveda, is a science of Truth as it is expressed in life.”[1]

“Ayurveda is an experientially based medical system that conceptualizes simultaneously our place in the universe as well as our creative power of consciousness. It is a training first and foremost in learning to understand ourselves, nature and the universe within and around us. Thus it enables us how to understand and adapt to change. This is accomplished through an integrative wisdom and a unified worldview where our subjective human perception and values and objective experiences are simultaneously connected. Leaders in our new physics are beginning to reach into this insight as Wigner emphasizes:

"The recognition that physical objects and Spiritual values have a very similar kind of reality has contributed in some measure to my mental peace...At any rate, it is the only known point of view which is consistent with quantum mechanics.”[1]

Ayurveda views human nature integrated with the consciousness that supports it and the world that surrounds it. Our human nature is one parcel of a larger whole. It is based on knowledge of natural harmony. The aim and method of Ayurveda is to remove disharmony and to reconnect us back to our own inner source.

Often considered the mother of holistic medicine, Ayurveda is a system whose principles of harmony and balancing are reflective of a natural order of creation. Health is understood as the dynamic natural state of order within our body, mind and soul. Disease is a state of disorder. Self-healing occurs when one recognizes disorder in one’s body and sets about restoring order. When one recognizes that disorder is inherent in order then a return to health is always possible.

The intuitive and scientific system of balancing that Ayurveda teaches is based on the presence of Spirit, Self-awareness, mental hygiene, sensible habits, proper diet and nutrition, pure and natural medications, and mental and physical purification. Because the truths and principles of Ayurveda arise from the essential nature of life itself, its principles may be as accurate and applicable today, as they were 5,000 years ago. These principles, based on the fractal laws of natural order and harmony, are understood to govern everything in the universe. Perhaps by virtue of our potentiality for self-awareness and enlightenment, man is the only creature that violates these laws. Ayurveda teaches a way of living to keep us in touch or guide us back to the connected harmony that is within us and all around us. Health is a dynamic ordering of our natural condition. It is the result of living in accordance with the natural laws that operate within nature. According to Ayurveda, it is through health that we attain life’s right livelihood, enjoyment, prosperity, peace and ultimately our liberation.”

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