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Dealing with the Heat

 In the summer, the sun is stronger and days are longer, so we have to balance with nature by keeping cool. Thankfully, through understanding how the seasons affect the body and how nature provides us with the antidote, we can live in balance. Here are some easy and fun tips to feel your best and stay cool this summer:

1. Showers Take a shower during the hot part of the day. Use your shower to cool off rather than taking a hot shower that will be detrimental to your body by adding heat and drying you out. You need to keep the oil on your skin, don’t melt it off with hot water. Also, stay away from harsh shampoos that remove that precious moisture from your hair and skin.

2. Be cautious about pools! Chlorine will dramatically dry out your skin, allowing more heat to enter your body. Also, people tend to sit out in direct sunlight when at pools. Instead, take a dip in a natural creek or lake if possible. That way you’ll have moisturizing effects from the water and you’ll likely be able to sit under the soothing shade of a tree.

3. Sip cool or room temperature water. Avoid ice water! The urge to chug cold water is understandable, but nevertheless, take it slow and listen to your body.

4. Get a Massage! They will keep the room cool and oil your skin. Of course you can always oil your own skin with cooling oils such as coconut oil.

The Pitta season tastes are sweet, bitter and astringent. Comfort foods that are pungent, fried or sour will heat up your system and cause Pitta and Kapha to act up. This is time to enjoy the raw energy of the sun and the coolness of water, fruit, and raw salads. When in doubt, just stop by the farmers market to see what’s in season!

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