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Slow Down & De-Stress with Ayurveda

With summer coming to a close and schedules beginning to pick up once again, it helps to have some tools to keep calm and stress free. Stress disturbs Prana in the mind, leading to a whole range of physical and emotional ailments. Learn what techniques work for you so that you can remain balanced, calm and healthy through these busy times.

***Focus on your breath

***Slow Down


***Take a Warm Bath

***Oil Massage

***Lavender and Rose Essential Oils

***Chamomile, Comfrey, Angelica & Tulsi Tea (blend of equal portions)

***Laugh, Cry, Let it Flow

***Identify your stressors.

What steps can you take to create positive change? What, in your life, can you let go of? Consolidation and simplicity is your key to serenity. Take action! Decrease stress and increase love. Surrender & find peace in contentment. Change is on the horizon.

With ease, Santa Cruz Ayurveda

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