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Super(new) Moon in Chitra, the Star of Opportunity

On October 16th 2020 at 3:30 PDT, we will experience the closest moon of the year, a super(new)moon, as the moon joins our Sun by degree in the sign of Virgo, a mutable earth sign ruled by Mercury. Mercury will have just begun a retrograde period the day before, opening a chapter that is riddled with puzzling communication; I would not advise signing contracts or propagating new ventures at this time, contrary to typical New Moon significations of beginnings and growth. However, this particular Nakshatra (Chitra), is adept in its manifestational ability.. “This new Moon marks the final day of the infrequent extra lunar month known as Adik Maas which began on September 16th. This sporadic month is inserted into the Vedic calendar every three years instead of a leap year. This period of a re-set is considered a time when important practical beginnings and commitments, such as moving into a new home, weddings or starting a business are ideally postponed,” Tamiko Fischer. The ruling deity of the Chitra Nakshatra is Tvashtar, the celestial architect. “He is the master of maya and magic who fashioned the thunderbolts of Indra and the chalice of Soma…Chitra allows us to gain the fruit of our good karma that comes through righteous activity,” Dennis Harness The Nakshatras.  This time calls for revisiting, refining, and editing old systems and structures put in place over the past month, providing you with a rare celestial second-chance! Patiencediligence, and thoughtfulness will provide your dreams with the stability to soon flourish. Practice clear verbal affirmations, and seat your consciousness in defining the clarity of your dreams; not so much energy put into the footwork and interpersonal communication at this time. I challenge you to discover restful productivity; which is seldom valued in a culture saying “go, go, go!” However, irreplaceable energy is generated through rest, gratitude, and stillness; the same energy that transforms itself into the material plane when met with right-action in right-timing. This yin approach will satisfy your future-self profoundly, until Mercury’s return to direct motion, November 3rd, auspiciously the USA election day. Speaking more on the qualities of the Chitra Nakshatra, where this New Moon will reside; “challenges will arrise involving strong sexual desires that must be harnessed. The animal symbol is a female tiger, and it is sometimes associated with serpents,” Dennis Harness The Nakshatras. The passionateseductive essence derives from the primary motivation of Chitra, kama, or desire. According to Bepin Behari, there is a “tendency to give a reply on any matter without forethought and then wake up at the eleventh hour and try to rectify one’s utterances when it is too late.” The essence of Chitra will open the gates of your purva punya, or your past life credit. Fortune, in the vedic tradition, is viewed as the positive effects of past life deeds. Therefore, the restful stillness advised above when coupled with the surgeon-like dissection of your previous strategy, plans, and intentions, will set into motion beautiful opportunities whereby your desires will flower, by early November. Mars is the ruler of the Chitra Nakshatra; therefore, the inward assessment of this new moon will be charged by a passion to explore and discover the terrain of your soul; clarifying and weeding out the redundancies of old systems. Allow the penetrative adventurer Mars to guide your ruthless self evaluation, trusting that this Martian influence is in harmony here with Chitra, and serves to better align your deepest desires with their material unfoldment. Enjoy your New Moon in Chitra, “the star of opportunity.” Namaste!

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