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Weekly Vedic Astrology Forecast (10.26–11.2.20)

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

October 26th, retrograde Mercury conjunct Sun in Libra

The turbulence and volatile mindedness are coming to a head as Mercury’s retrograde dance rejoins the Sun in Libra. Swati is the asterism of this conjunction, and “Swati means ‘the sword,’ indicating a strong desire for independence,” Dennis Harness. As the USA is in a phase of social division during the polarization of election season, finding our sovereignty and uniqueness can be our only solace. Swati exists entirely in Libra, which is adept in peaceful communication and pleasing the crowd. The image associated with this region of deep space is a young shoot blowing in the wind, able to adapt and bend with the wind in order to thrive and prosper.

“The deity that rules Swati is Vayu, the demigod of wind, air, breath, and prana. Vayu is the purifier and cleanser that represents the movement of pranayama that pervades the universe and sustains life,” Dennis Harness. This is the heart of the adventurer, fueled by a restless nature, whose only obstacles are self-made. Retrograde Mercury here carries the quality of scattered thoughts flowering from compassionate intentions. The shadow planet Rahu rules this asterism, who is our tireless motor to manifest our desires, and is airy in nature. Saturn, a vata planet, is also exalted here. Therefore, “Swati reflects a disciplined energy and the powers of communication to influence others,” Dennis Harness.

A few notable characters with their Sun in this Swati include Hilary Clinton, Bill Gates, Kendall Jenner, and Johnny Carson.

October 30th, waxing Moon conjunct retrograde Mars in Pisces

In the final 30 degrees before the full Moon, the emotional momentum begins to reach the surface. As the moon waxes, there is an undercurrent of building, rising, and climbing to the peak, where the zenith hits like shower pours water against your crown. The moon is in a very comfortable state in Pisces, where imagination, deep empathy, and artful expression are nurtured. But when conjunct retrograde Mars, this watery realm becomes infused with a river of lava, a deep stream of heat and creativity that will turn Pisces into a Precambrian soup; a cauldron of creation.

“This is a good Nakshatra for the Moon to be residing in when one is beginning a search or starting a long journey,” Dennis Harness. There is a spirit of adventure present with any Mars influence, however in retrograde fashion, you may exert too much energy and lose the fuel to maintain the balance in life’s different domains. Remember that all things require equal input and output. You cannot drive a car 100 miles when there is only enough gas for 50 miles; regardless of your faith and optimism.

Looking ahead, this aspect occurs less than 24 hours before the full Moon, where any and all actions will be incorporated within the completion of this waxing phase. Direct your energy in ways that have less impetus to change the world, and allow the creative spontaneity of your inner child to play. Surround yourself with grounding energies to compliment the state of surrender required for pure playtime; and don’t forget the importance of nap-time for your inner child, too.

A few notable characters with their Moon in Revati include Whitney Houston, Rodney King, Meg Ryan, Marlon Brando, and Jim Jones.

October 31st, full Moon in Aries

What began as a new Moon in Virgo is reaching its peak in the Bharani Nakshatra of Aries. Where Virgo holds space for planning, exacting details, and thoroughly vetting new encounters, Aries provides the energy needed to push through malaise, accomplish your goals, or to sever ties. This Bharani asterism provides a sense of restraint, which is fitting given it is on an axis to Libra. The deity associated with Bharani is Yama, the lord of death. Yama carries us from the womb to the tomb, and this can serve as a reminder to bring an end to what began on October 16th during the new Moon. Well wishes for your full moon,



References: Dennis Harness, The Nakshatras, the Lunar Mansions of Vedic Astrology

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