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Weekly Vedic Astrology Forecast: Oct. 19th–26th, 2020

Tuesday October 20th, Moon in Scorpio, Jyestha, Trine Mars in Pisces

Thursday October 22nd, Venus enters Virgo

Monday October 26th, Moon in Aquarius, trine Sun and Mercury in Libra

On Tuesday, October 20th, the Moon will move through its sign of debilitation, Scorpio, passing through the Jyestha Nakshatra, where a trine with retrograde Mars will occur.

On one level, this transit will illuminate “mental brilliance, analytical ability, and a capacity to achieve an elevated position in life and accomplish things skillfully,” Dennis Harness, the Nakshatras. There is a pattern of creative genius under Jyestha; Albert Einstein, Mozart, Van Gogh, and Beethoven all had their natal moons in this Nakshtra, as well as Walt Disney, Jim Morrison, and William Blake having their natal Suns here.

Jyeshtha contains one of the more brilliant visible stars, Antares, which is located near the heart of Scorpius, and often confused with Mars due to its brilliant red shimmer. The ruling planet is Mercury, so a Mars/Mercury influence can be associated. This combination will encourage tactful preparation and mental acuity as a means to an end… often lofty in what is aimed to accomplish. Yet with great control and self-effort, you may feel the deep peace of fulfillment on this material plane.

On Thursday, October 22nd, Venus will enter the mutable earth sign of Virgo. “Venus represents our capacity to project love and beauty. Life comes from bliss and expresses bliss. We all want eternal happiness.” David Frawley, Astrology of the Seers. When in Virgo, a sign with a strong sense of detail and form, artistic disciplines become demystified. Sexuality can turn a shy cheek if young, yet become an excessive pursuit if older. A sharp eye for cleanliness, order, and detail will be inspired by a desire for beautification; like a meticulously hand carved wooden door with microscopically minded craftsmanship…yow!

Monday October 26th, the Moon will pass through the Shatabhisha Nakshatra of Aquarius, landing in a trine with the Sun and retrograding Mercury in Libra.

Shatabhisha is depicted as the “physician of the gods,” pouring the sacred pot containing the hundred healers,” Dennis Harness, the Nakshatras. There is an element of truthfulness, a principled nature, and a charitable agenda. This virtuousness will be amplified as the Sun and Mercury will be in a trine aspect in the cardinal air sign Libra.

However, due to the Sun being debilitated in Libra, and Mercury being retrograde while combusted, due to such close proximity to the Sun, there may be challenges concerning discernment brought to your attention. Not always knowing the right action, and being misunderstand in your virtuous intentions can become frustrating, so I caution against viewing this life as a duty, with right and wrong action. Being misunderstood or even on the wrong side of your own personal scale of virtue is merely a drop in the ocean of karma, and as the entire cosmos are in a state of motion, this too shall pass. For these next few days, find an outlet wherein you can follow another’s example, or surrender to a curriculum of study. Brevity, patience, and thoughtful speech will steer your truck out of the muck where misunderstandings abound.


References: Astrology of the Seers, David Frawley, The Nakshatras, the Lunar Mansions of Vedic Astrology, Dennis Harness

Image courtesy of The Classical Astrologer.

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