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Vedic Astrology Forecast, Feb 22–Feb29

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

Carving Creative Confidence from Tenderness, Feb 24- Feb25

The Moon is in Cancer, (it’s own sign), and is waxing, which adds strength to the ability of the Moon to positively influence the day. We can draw a chart with the Moon as an ascendant to better understand where and how the world will come at you today; to better prepare for the seemingly random combinations thrown your way. My goal with Jyotish is to allow your freedom of choice to effectively create an unbroken stream of fulfillment in life, and to get back on your feet when the sky starts falling. The steering wheel is in your hands–allow Jyotish to illuminate the road.

From the Moon chart, we can now utilize the (equal) house system to see 12 specific areas of life, how they are charged, and likely to react today. Venus is a mixed bag ruling the auspicious 4th, and the challenging 11thhouse from the Moon, and weakened by sitting in the 8th house of debt. Ketu is showing struggle in the path of learning by sitting in the 5th house from the Moon. What we are aiming to do is maximize the good showing of the Moon, while guiding your energy away from areas of life where unsustainable effort is needed or drained.

A healthy and strong Moon will always show peace of mind, and the Moon is placed well today. A general rule of thumb for Jyotish is understanding that while you can strengthen or weaken placements, you cannot change the placement itself. Therefore, it is a gift when a planet is positioned well, and with proper heed, it will function in a beneficial way for you. The Moon signifies self-care, and in the Pusya nakshatra, the symbol is a cow’s utter; a very highly esteemed symbol in Vedic culture, and a symbolic nod in the favor of just how powerful this Moon can become. This nakshatra (see earlier article for discussion of nakshatras), is ruled by Saturn, and indicates that through careful and routine work, an unlimited well of creative projects will thrive here. In other words, there is no need to think outside the box for a creative solution; in fact, doing so will take more energy than you have to give, unless you don’t mind suffering. Avoid projects that cannot begin without training, research, studying, or ingenuity. Instead, lean into the simple approach and gifts you already have in your back pocket which require little to no effort to deploy. If you need a refresher on what it is you bring to a room that no one else brings, reach out to someone you trust in your family or inner-circle who has known you since you were a kid. Suggest this to them, “Hey, I’m a little stuck on ­­­­­(fill in the blank with your project), and I had this idea to share one thing we each appreciate about eachother from childhood.”

If there is no one you can have this conversation with today, then the second-best approach I like to call, the ‘Desert Island Experiment.’ You create a scenario for yourself where you can’t read any books, pick up any technology, or talk to anyone else. You just have to make do with what you’ve got; and my astrology advice is that for today, whatever strategy you find going through one of these systems is the one that you run with, and send to the publisher. Just remember that what comes easy for you, doesn’t negate the possibility for good value. This is a subtle exercise aimed at fostering a relationship with a personified child sitting inside your heart: your inner-child, or seat of authentic creativity. This inner-child is just like most children and only wants to play, they don’t want to sit at a desk for hours and learn new material. In fact, they have nothing to accomplish and no deadlines to race toward. They simply like play for the sake of play. And believe it or not, there are skills that you already possess which require no work at all in order to share with the and bring unique value. You have gifts that are nascent, and a little routine play-time with your inner-child is all it takes to keep these muscles fresh and potent for the time when you need to make it look easy. And with all of the above mentioned astrology, today is that day.



1) The Nakshatras, the Lunar Mansions of Vedic Astrology, Dennis Harness, Ph.D.

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