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Vedic Astrology Forecast, Mar. 22–Mar. 29

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

Jupiter in Dhaniṣṭhā

Jupiter has moved away from Saturn into the next nakshatra, Dhaniṣṭhā, where Jupiter will stay until May 21. Dhaniṣṭhā literally means wealthy and complete. To the rishis and sages, wealth was a state of being moreso than a title based on what you have. Dhaniṣṭhā signifies wealth in the mind and spirit, shown through good character, thoughts and actions. Money can be lost, but a wealthy person will always create abundance as an reflection of their inner quality.

The wealth to understand here is a way of being, rather than a title based on what you have accumulated. Think of yourself as the wealthy one, who will turn any opportunity into prosperity through good discernment. Jupiter governs knowledge, and in certain charts this transit may challenge the native with untrue advice, or choosing the wrong advisors and teachers. Though in whole, Jupiter will be a soft teacher and uplift in any area possible.

Dhaniṣṭhā is a powerfully spiritual nakshatra, which you can think of as the strongest cleaning spray able to handle the toughest stains. This is the invitation for cleansing ourselves to make room for the higher levels of our being. Even worldly wealth or self-improvement will prosper here, since this expansion will be working throughout your higher plains of being, nourishing all things material here on Earth like the rain running down from the canopy down to the roots.

If you have any planets in Dhaniṣṭhā, Jupiter will greatly benefit you with a few exceptions. However, Jupiter being the great benefic, even the challenges will be subtle and the lessons will be more forgiving.

Since Dhaniṣṭhā is a nakshatra, this transit will mainly affect the status of your Moon, based on the which nakshatra it is placed.

For the Venus ruled nakshatras, Bharani, Purva Phalguni, and Purva Ashadha, this will be a beautiful time for you, enjoy it.

For the Moon ruled nakshatras, Rohini, Hasta, and Shravana, this will likewise be a beautiful time bringing balance to your mind. With shravana, you will be in Shane Sadi Sati (a 7.5 year period where Saturn transits the previous house, is exactly conjunct, and transits the second house from your natal Moon). For shravana Moons, this is still a beautiful time to live in balance, but caution is needed to discern which self-care habits are really bringing about balance.

For the Mars ruled nakshatras, Mrigasira, Chitra, and Dhanista, this transit will bring about transformation, though not through harshness as it is Jupiter in the transit. Again with Dhanishta Moons, you are in Shane Sadi Sati, and this requires caution with your transformation, not to throw the baby out with the bath water.

For Ketu ruled nakshatras, Ashwini, Magha, and Mula, this transit is all about finding gratitude. There is a famous psychological study of monkeys, where each monkey was given one fruit. They were all ecstatic, and very content with their one piece of fruit. Then, they were each given 2 fruits, and some of the monkeys had one fruit taken away. Those who lost a fruit were enraged, and sad, even though they still had one more fruit than they had in the beginning. The message is simple, be grateful for what you have, even if those around you appear to be gaining more. The pursuit isn’t to compete with your neighbors, but rather to honor the blessings and accept that Jupiter is bringing you fortune, even if it is just a slice from a cake going around to other people at the same time.

For the Sun ruled nakshatras, Krittika, Uttara Phalguni, and Uttara Ashada, this transit can be a challenging time where you may take unnecessary risk, perhaps even based off of false advice or misleading information. Discernment here is the key.

For the Rahu ruled nakshatras, Ardra, Swati, and Shatabhisa,, this is a fortunate time for rising in your life and creating opportunities for yourself. Shatabhisa will also be in Shane Sadi Sati and require caution and less impuliseveness when jumping into new opportunities.

For Jupiter ruled nakshatras, Punarvasu, Vishaka, and Purva Bhadra, this is a transit to greatly support meeting new alies and expanding your circle of friends.

For the Saturn ruled nakshatras, Pushya, Anuradha, and Uttara Bhadra, this will install ideas of wealth, and thoughts of self growth. Hold caution for taking wrong advice, as even your inner voice may not be aligned with the right steps to take at the moment.

For Mercury ruled nakshatras, Ashlesha, Jyeshta, and Revati, this is a supportive time for new creative ideas.

Relevent remedies to use are less severe as Jupiter generally bestows good fortune and many blessings, but this is a time to focus on purification, letting go, and ways to reach out to expand your self. Connect with knowledge as a way to honor the guru, or teachers, and devote yourself to at least one spiritual practice each day.

Also remember that spiritual means whatever is spiritual for you.



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