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Weekly Vedic Astrology Forecast, 11.9–11.16.20

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

Mars goes direct, Pisces, Friday, 11.13.20

Forward! Our energy will slowly return and we will feel more focused, vital, and capable. As Mars is truncating a retrograde stint, now in Pisces, passive aggression can now return to…regular aggression. Not to color this transit poorly, because when harnessed, anger is the most effective modality at creating immediate change. Mars direct is the hiccup that lurches the recluse into the world.

As a sobering word of caution, Mars is a malefic planet, and will be ramping up in power when returning to his own sign of Aries on December 23rd. Depending entirely on your chart, this can bring very tangible danger into your life, and may require keeping one eye open in the back of your head.

However, the trick in dealing with Mars is to invite him to step up to his higher virtues. As Mars is responsible for action, energy, and independence, check-in with yourself as to where you are directing your energy. Mars can be seen as a wild stallion, with the power to buck you off of a cliff and the power to carry you for thousands of miles to your goal. Set goals, and use your prana like a precious resource.

“(Mars) He can burn or give warmth, give light or create smoke, disturb or illuminate, but unlike the Sun, who is self-luminous, Mars requires some fuel in order to burn. We must make sure that we use our own limitations as fuel for the fire, rather than something we have taken from others,” David Frawley.


Amāvāsya (New Moon), Libra, Dīvālī 11.14.20

This new Moon marks the beginning of a five-day Indian festival called Dīvālī, the festival of lights. This celebration signifies the victory over darkness and the illumination of ones own inner light. Today is dedicated to Lakṣmī, the goddess of prosperity, generosity, and beauty. Now is a great time to visit with family, give to charity, share sweet foods, and wear clean, beautiful clothing; lighting lanterns and beautifying your home. Another name for Lakṣmī is Kamala, which is a great omen for the USA, with the newly elect Kamala Harris as our VP.  We are now beginning to live under a waxing moon, where growth and emotional investment into projects can build momentum and gain magnetism.


Sun enters Scorpio, 11.15.20

The Sun is leaving its weakening sign of debilitation, Libra, beginning the reconstructive and transformative work in Scorpio. As the indicator for the Self; the Sun will indicate our inner-authority, reputation, and career. Reconstruction of these deeply engrained facets of the Self can only be done with a hefty serving of shadow work; the Scorpio special. Look deeply at yourself, and remember that you are more than language and science can define. The outer world is always in a state of catching-up to the unfathomable totality of your being. Do not sell yourself short! You are beyond definition, measurement, and categorization. Becoming a hypocrite is a milestone toward reflecting your truest nature as indefinable consciousness. Allow labels to dissolve as you exhume non-linear qualities relative to your life up-till-now. Reconstruct your ego from the forgotten Lego pieces deep in the satchel of your subconscious. I am going on a limb but loosely correspond the beginning of Sun in Scorpio to the attitude of New Years day. As the Sun leaves its weakest point in the zodiac of Libra, and moves closer to its strongest point of exaltation in Aries in 6 months, matters of the Sun will be undergoing a growth. The Sun in its highest virtue pertains to our aspirations, creativity, and search for light and truth.



References: Astrology of the Seers, David Frawley

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