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Ayurveda and Facial Oils

Skin care is very important in Ayurveda because it can show if you are getting proper nutrients and can be a beautiful way to start a self-care regimen. We suggest taking care of your skin with natural products and oils. Each skin type is different and prevention of acne or rashes is easier to handle. When you start to get a glow to your skin you will feel healthy, vivacious, and confident.

Be attuned to how much sun exposure you get. The sun can be great for your skin. However, too much unprotected exposure can lead to serious health issues. Lie in the sun before noon or late afternoon making sure to not in the heat of the day. Lie out for 10-15 minutes or at the most 30 minutes. This will improve the circulation in the skin and strengthen the skin tone. However, if you are prone to sunburn or are at a high altitude, limit your sun exposure.

There is a misconception that oil is bad for your skin and gives you acne. In fact, a daily oil massage of you body and face keep your skin healthy and beautiful especially with oils such as, sesame and coconut oil that have natural anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Many oils are in fact rich in minerals like copper, manganese, calcium, magnesium, and antioxidants that get absorbed into your skin. Gentle oil massages keep the skin soft and healthy.

We suggest applying the appropriateDoshic (body constitution) oil for your body and for that time of the season. The oils are: sesame oil for Vata constitutions, coconut or sunflower for Pitta, and sweet almond oil for Kapha individuals. If in summer, perhaps tend towards coconut oil, in winter sesame, and in spring sweet almond oil. Rosehip oil can also be a great option!

Facial oils are a great addition to a skin care routine! We’ve switched and our skin is softer and clearer than ever!

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