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How to Stop Smoking

Many people today have become addicted to smoking either due to nicotine toxicity or stress. Pressure and emotional disturbances can also aggravate the need to reach for cigarettes as a form of support. Smoking does not have to be inherently bad, but the addiction to tobacco, nicotine, or emotional support can be. In fact, Ayurveda uses smoking of herbs as a way of detoxifying the body or decongesting the lungs. Smoking herbs is one form of treating problems through nasal administration (nasya). Herbs can be smoked as part of detoxification therapy (after panchakarma). The smoking of certain herbs can burn residual toxins from the body. As well as the smoking of herbs can act as a decongestant and an anti-cough action against colds and sore throats.

However, addictions are not a safe mental or physical space to be in. Ayurveda also uses the smoking of herbs to help stop smoking cigarettes. Ayurveda treats addiction to cigarettes or nicotine in two ways: detoxifying from the nicotine and dealing with the stress in your life.

Tips to Stop Smoking

1. Herbal blends are one of the best ways to begin to stop smoking nicotine. They will allow you to keep the habit of smoking while reducing or getting rid of the tobacco and nicotine completely. An herbal cigarette blend is: Brahmi Jatamamsi Rose petal powder

Mix together equal parts of these herbs. You can remove 1/3 of the tobacco from a few cigarettes and replace it with this mixture at the end of the cigarette. When you reach the tobacco try to stop. Many herbal shops also sell herbal cigarettes, which are an easier way to have an herbal blend of cigarettes with no tobacco or nicotine.

Other great herbs for smoking are: ajwan, cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, black pepper ginger, bayberry, calamus and gotu kola (to boost mental capacity).

2. A tip is to try to overwhelm your senses by putting brahmi ghee on your cigarette. This will create a lot of smoke, which reduce the craving for cigarettes.

3. Try chewing dried pineapple with honey to help give your body a task instead of smoking.

4. When you’re feeling stressed out and want a cigarette try drinking an herbal tea.

Mix together equal parts: Jatamamsi Chamomile Brahmi

Steep 1 teaspoon of the herbal tea in hot water and sip it to calm down and relax.

5. Try to find a daily practice that fits your lifestyle that will reduce stress. We suggest meditation, yoga, and breathing exercises.

6. Try journaling about why you want to quite and what your life would be life if you did or did not quite. Then, begin to switch your language from “I am a smoker” to “I was a smoker.” These small shifts can help begin your journey to a dependent life free from addiction.

If you have further questions on what to eat and the best lifestyle to reduce other addictions. Contact us at or go to our website and make an appointment for more information.

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