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Refilling from your Well

Those of us in the Northern hemisphere are experiencing the wonderful transformation of Earth, as her season blends into Autumn; the time of diminishing light and inward fortification. The labors and exaltations of Summer have culminated, and now the fruits lay ripe for your picking, and rationing. Where once we felt the expansive energy of daylight stretching and growing; now the shadows rejoice in eagerness for longer evenings and cooler air. A contraction of the soul(ar) energy, and expansion of the subconscious. Gather your wood, and keep the fire tended.

The clues of selecting a diet in accord with nature are found in a condition of receptivity and surrender. Seeds have all but exhausted their energy, and now the gourds lounge flush with color, plump roots spiral up from their subterranean womb, and orchards lay their fruit to rest in the solace of a shaded grove. This is the mythology of harvest, where we find many auspicious moon cycles; the Hunters moon, the Harvest moon, the Beaver moon, and the Cold moon. A squirrel is wise to collect their acorns now; tinctures, tonics, and preserves begun now will reflect the peak of summers’ freshness.

In the tradition of Vedic astrology, we will experience a transit of Mercury through the scales of Libra from September 23rd until November 28th, encompassing one retrograde period in October. What this means, is that we will be tuning into the poetry of discernment in motion. Mercury is the totality of the intellect; the mind in its most measurable essence. Our fondness for jokes, whit, charm, and applying the skills of memorization and intellectual prowess. This is the time for dinner table poets, fire-pit story-smiths, and curb-side magic tricks. Libra energy is that of grace, beauty, aesthetic expression, and desire for gatherings of people. Our affinity to communicate however may reach beyond the merits of offering deep substance, yet the sweetness of Venus soon arrives and joins Mercury in Libra, on November 17th.

This conjunction will last until November 28th, but it will bring a much appreciated warmth, adding a listeners-ear to quell the chatter of a Mercurial mind, caught in the world of neurotically pleasing everybody…”Did you get enough to eat? Do your goats have enough grain for the winter? Can I grab you another beverage?” Venus imparts a love of the divinely unmeasurable, the quality of art, the impact of eye contact, and the desire for communion greater than dominion. Coexisting and co-thriving in seeing to the well being of others.

Venus together with Mercury here offers the deeper value of connection that our mind often points to; but the finger pointing is not the moon as they say. Allow compassion and love to fill your eyes and experience the effect on the room, much like a soft glowing lamp sitting in just the right angle. This is our surrogate of the Sun; the warming heart-cave, kindled with the rejuvenating time spent with loved ones, celebrating fresh meals from the garden.

I suggest roasting celery root, parsnip, beets, and squash, seasoned with sea salt, peppercorns, sage, and cayenne. It is helpful to bring mindfulness to the heating qualities present in some foods, which is diminishing in the cooling and damp atmosphere of seasonal nature. Peppers, warm stews, and physical touch will excite your digestion with an internal heat, and your cheeks will glow like a bed of handsome embers.

Thank you for your curiosity, and may this season arrive in full until it too passes on the wheel of time. Happy Autumn!

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