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Ayurveda and Honey

We get asked about sweeteners from clients all the time! Often people think to switch from honey to agave, alcohol sugars, and others that can be potentially worse for you! In Ayurveda, honey is a natural sweetener that in small doses isn’t bad for you. Honey was highly esteemed by ancient people for its healing properties. Both the Indians and the Egyptians utilized honey for many conditions and health issues. One use was to use it as a poultice that was applied directly to wounds to promote healing.  Honey has many anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial qualities. Clinical –grade (UMF Rating) manuka honey has extremely healing properties for wound, infections, and scar healing. It has incredibly anti-bacterial and pain relief properties! Honey can break down when used externally due to heat. For this reason, it is best to use honey cool or at room temperature. If honey is left in a hot place for a prolonged period of time, it will begin to ferment. If you use it in baking it can also create ama (undigested toxins) in the body. If you want to cook with honey in a hot dish or beverage, it is best to add the honey at the end, right before serving.  In India, it is said that the effects of honey change over time. It is said that young honey (less than 6 months old) is healing for Pittas. If you keep your own bees or have access to local, fresh honey, this can be good to know! Otherwise, honey is best consumer by Kaphas. Vatas benefit from the occasional sweet and warm qualities of honey. Its dryness can aggravate Vata if over-used.  Honey can be used for allergies and to build immunity. If buying honey try to go for local honey. This can help allergies as the bees are pollinating the plants you can be allergic to. This can help build your immunity!  Honey has many qualities that can be healing to our body! The key, like most things, is to have it in balance! Next time skip the processed sweeteners and have a little honey! 

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