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Ayurveda and Seasonal Eating

Do you often get sick with colds and a runny nose? Do you want to improve your health and get in touch with the natural rhythms of nature? Join us on September 7th for our Ayurveda and Seasonal Eating workshop from 10am-1pm. The focus will be on a fall seasonal diet. An Ayurvedic meal (vegan and gluten free) will be prepared!

As it turns from summer to fall we need to cleanse our bodies and start adjusting to the drier season. If we do not adjust the dryness in our body can lead to consitpation, mental health imbalances, and colds and flus in winter time. Learn how to start your fall right by knowing what vegetables, fruits, grains, and oils to eat for an optimal season. We will teach you the importance on seasonal eating and how to adust your daily routine to each season. Fall is a time to turn inward and harness your power. Let’s do it together!

If you have questions please feel free email us at or give us a call at (831) 295-6279.

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