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Digestion: A Key to Health

“The body is the outcome of food. Even so, disease is the outcome of food. The distinction between ease and disease arises on account of wholesome nutrition or the lack of it, respectively.”  


Digestion is crucial for overall health. We have to find the right balance in which the food we take in is being properly digested and assimilated. If one’s digestive fire (Agni) is too strong, then a person may be rapidly loosing weight and burning through their immunity (Ojas). On the opposite side of the spectrum, if one’s Agni is too weak then there is often unprocessed food that accumulates in the digestive tract. This can clog and contaminate the body, creating toxins (Ama). Both imbalances lead to a weakened immune system and are not desirable. Therefore, we must get to know our bodies, our cravings, our proper foods, and find the right balance for gut health. We use food as medicine and the seasons as our trail guide to find balanced digestive health. 

Signs of unbalanced digestion:

~Sleepiness after eating


~Loss of appetite

~Constant cravings

~Irregular bowel movements

~Excess belly fat

~Rapid weight gain or loss


~Mood swings

~Weak immune system

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