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Treat the Root, Not the Symptoms

Often times in many health programs and diets symptoms are treated not the root cause. Due to this people spend years working on the symptoms of different allergies, diseases, or pain that persist and either develop into different symptoms or become chronic. Often times it seems easiest to have quick fixes. An example would be a doctor prescribing antibiotics for an assortment of symptoms. While antibiotics are very important to take if necessary, they also get rid of all your gut bacteria leading towards a whole new host of issues such as low immunity which can lead to more food allergies, sickness, low energy (etc.) We want to focus on the root cause of these issues and heal your gut so you don’t have to deal with symptoms any longer.

Food intolerances seem to be ever increasing for gluten and dairy. Many people adjust their diet for food-related symptoms to not have digestive issues. What appears to be food intolerances can actually be weak digestion or a congested lymphatic system. When we remove these things when there is not a true allergen then it can actually increases other issues and lead to toxins begin deposited into fat cells. However, people still seem to have a hard time digesting dairy and gluten. If you were once able to eat gluten and dairy we want you to be able to digest anything. Ayurveda wants to fix the root cause: poor digestion and a congested lymphatic system. When we heal the gut we can heal the root cause of many mental, emotional, and physical symptoms.

We know what to eat: in season, whole foods, full meals, and eating in a relaxed manner. Yet, we often don’t or can’t due to our schedule. We have to make time to truly heal or we will be dealing with symptoms the rest of our lives.

It’s important in all aspects of your life to look at the root cause not the symptom. An example of this is getting angry while being in the bright sun and heat on a summer day. Instead of reacting to the external stimulus, take a moment to breathe and cool your system down. You anger might be due to the aggravated heat causing the anger.

Tips to help support finding the root cause:

1.Add more fermented foods into your diet such as sauerkraut, kombucha, and kimchi. These are high in probiotics! Though try not to have too many in summertime as they can increase heat in the body. 2.Look into taking a prebiotic supplement if need be. This is highly recommended if you need to take antibiotics. 3.Eat more whole foods and health fats to keep sustained longer. 4.Take time to distress and do activities that make you happy.

Fix the root cause and never deal with the symptoms again!

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