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Get in Touch with the Subtle Body

What is subtle energy?

It is your energetic anatomy. The body’s internal systems, skeletal, muscular, endocrine, digestive, and nervous system, etc., all have their own energetic anatomy. Externally, the body has different bio fields. These fields are the physical, etheric, emotional, mental, astral, etheric template, celestial, and causal field. In many different cultures, these fields are called different things, but most commonly we know them as the chakras and koshas (sheaths). Check out our articles about each of the chakras and their koshas here.

“We are made of energy. Everything in the world is made of energy, which can be defined most simply as “information that vibrates.” This energy may express itself as patterns, sound, skin, thought, or even morning coffee, but it is all energy.” Cyndi Dale, The Subtle Body.

Science does not fully understand energy, even in the classical sense. Energy is usually defined as a source of power. Energetic information has data that tells an atom where it should occupy itself in the body, such as the heart or the lungs. Everything with energy also vibrates; however, some things vibrate at their own frequencies. For example a hair molecule does not vibrate at the same rate as a skin molecule, however they are very similar. “Like-minded organisms vibrate in similar ways.” Using this to understand how to get in touch with your own subtle energy can be very helpful.

Getting in touch with your own subtle energy

The subtle body is what connects our physical bodies to the Causal body (sheath of bliss or crown chakra). The Causal body is the connection to the universe. Accessing these energies is similar to accessing the chakras or the koshas. By opening the channel of the subtle body, you can connect the physical and the universal bodies together. This is what is known as enlightenment.

Having the awareness that your body is vibrating at its own frequency is the first step in tuning into your subtle body. Then, the next best way of tuning in is mediation. Where you meditate can also have a large impact on your frequency. Meditation in nature is an incredible and deeply impactful place to tune into the subtle energies of you and the energies surrounding you. Yoga, focused meditations, and even just setting intentions for your day will also tune you in to the greater frequencies.

Healing the Subtle energy

Once you have tuned into the subtle energies of your body, you might run into blockages or traumas that may still be help within the physical body. That is okay and healing them is apart of the human experience.

Some helpful ways of healing this energy is through energy work by a professional such as reiki practitioner, acupuncture and massage therapy to help with tissue release, aromatherapy which helps with memory and emotion, and talk therapy.

The Bigger Picture

The subtle energy is a very deep topic and has so much information and scientific studies that we could discuss for hours. However, the basic principles to understanding it are nature, meditation and awareness. These keys unlock the doors to allow you to find the larger universe and collective, while also providing healing, understanding, and compassion. We will talking more about the subtle energies and the body in the coming weeks so stay tuned.


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