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Fall Equinox

Happy Fall Everyone! It has been such a wonderful year so far with you all; we wanted to take a second to express our appreciation for all of your support this year. Thank you and we look forward to enjoying the rest of this year with you!

Today marks the first day of Fall and Vata season! The Fall Equinox marks our transition from Summer season (Pitta; fire and water) to Fall season (Vata; air and space), and reminds us to pay attention to the shift in elements as we bring balance to our minds and bodies. You may be noticing some differences in your body the last couple weeks; more fatigue, extra heat, and maybe lacking some focus or mental clarity. This is due to the transition of seasons when some days can be hot and some days can be dry and cold. We can support our bodies through this phase by cooling down from the summer and also grounding for the colder, drier season that will then lead us into winter. Grounding yourself and establishing your roots will set you up for this.

September and October will still come with its warm days, so making the transition can be different from day to day. On hot days, it is important continue to pacify the existing heat within the body so eat foods that will keep the body cool. On cooler days, focus on cooked foods as your agni (digestive fire) may be weaker. As the season progresses, this will make the transition to eating all cooked food easier. Fall and Winter naturally produce foods that pacify Vata so if you are eating seasonally, you will feel better. In Fall you will find very grounding fruits and veggies such as Apples, squash, mushrooms, potatoes, garlic, root veggies, beans and lentils. Winter will yield fruits high in vitamin C such as lemons, oranges, tangerines, and also foods with high nutrients like radicchio, kale, turnips, and nuts.

The darker months of November and December encourage us to go inside, go inward, and come together. It is a time to reflect on the year and observe changes that have come to us. Vata season is dry, rough, windy and cold. These qualities in the body can weaken agni (digestive fire) and absorption of food, which compromises the immune system. Other symptoms you may experience in the vata season is dry skin, emotional imbalances, fatigue, stress, anxiety, and depression. Your body’s natural instinct in aiding this is to bundle up, warm and nurture yourself. Which is exactly what you need to do. Eating warming, grounding foods will help with any sensitive digestive issues and keep you properly nourished. It will also keep your body warm, helping with circulation of the blood which helps the immune system stay healthy and make sure you get high quality sleep. On top of proper nutrition, inward reflection and self-care are also very important.

Slow Down – This summer was busy as society began to reenter into a post Covid environment. There was a lot to learn with this and many twists and turns that it took us on. Take the time to reflect on the changes that occurred for you from this moment, to exactly a year ago. It is okay to take an evening to yourself, turn off your phone, read a book and go to bed early. Vata season will bring clarity to change that has happened so that in the coming Kapha season (winter) you will be able to relax and enjoy the progress you have made this year. The biggest mistake most people make is going into the last months of the year with intense heat and drive, which burns them out since there is nothing to support those qualities. The burn out makes for a rough winter, lowers immunity and will increase your chances of becoming sick. Setting yourself up for success in September and October are vital for a healthy winter.

Self-Care – If you have been thinking about introducing Abhyanga into your routine, now is a perfect time to do it! One of the best practices to help pacify Vata this season is self oil massage. If you suffer from dry skin in fall and winter, this will be your holy grail for finding some relief!

In the next few weeks we will talk more about some ways to cool down excess Pitta, yoga for fall, and some skincare/oil tips for this season. If you have questions about what you should be doing for your specific dosha this season, give us a call or shoot us an email! We are always here to help. Happy Equinox and we look forward to this beautiful new season with you!


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